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Stephen Baumohl,


"Since we started using the Seer Analytics tools, they have proved to be a huge asset to us. The player profile ratings have saved a massive amount of time in manual work and proved to be incredibly accurate, allowing us to be much more efficient on the trading side. It has been equally useful on the marketing side with player segmentation through Seer enabling us to be very specific in the types of clients we target for offers etc. There is much more for us to learn about this powerful product to get the very most out of it but it has already more than proved its worth; I highly recommend it."


Daniel Marks,

Chief Financial Officer

"The Seer Analytics tool has allowed us to enhance our customer analytics by providing an additional lens upon which to view our customer base, which has greatly aided our Marketing channels.  As well as being able to view our customers by value segment, Seer enhances our insight and knowledge of our customers by assessing their betting behaviours, principally regarding their choice of Sports, Markets, timing and frequency of bets, to better allow us to structure and deliver marketing based on our customers’ specific preferences and interests. These changes have lead to greater customer engagement and enhanced lifetime value."


Guy Evans-Tipping,

Chief Executive

"We chose to use for the development of our second generation T20 analytics platform. It was my belief that the team, led by David Hipkin, had the right blend of skills and experience to take the system to the next level. I have known David personally for 15 years and having worked with him on the development of our professional cricket analytics product and seen the work he has undertaken on products of his own, I knew that he was uniquely placed to offer the expertise and advice required to take our system forward."

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Jim Hindson,

Managing Director

"David was brilliant to work with during the development of our Player Impact Rating system for professional T20 cricket. He was able to articulate the technical challenges we faced in a concise language that helped to make sense of the incredibly complex project we were working on. On top of this, he was very responsive throughout and always put the client first. I would strongly recommend working with him." 


Jonathan Smith,


"I have had the pleasure of working with David for over 10 years, both during and after his time at the Sporting Group. I can bear witness to his fine track record of managing people and projects across that company and now in his own right as an innovator in this business. In an industry that is constantly evolving and changing direction, David's thoughtful and creative approach to problem solving is a rare and much-needed skill, as is his ability to articulate concepts that can be difficult to grasp to the layman. I am pleased to recommend him both as a friend and colleague." 


Pat Krujalskyte,

Strategic Director

" helped us to create and visualise a data and betting strategy for a new type of racing series soon to hit the market. We developed a great partnership with them and from the outset their expertise was evident in all aspects of the work undertaken. The best part was that throughout the process we could completely trust the team to guide us, advise us, and enable us to grow." 

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